maandag 10 januari 2011

Submodalities - by Gavin Meikle

Go inside and open the gate
To confusion or resourceful state
Notice just what comes to you
In black and white or coloured hue

Up above or down below

Dimly dull or all aglow
Pulsing, moving, still, or slide?
Maybe distant or close beside

Panoramic and 3D

Small and flat and hard to see
Framed in black or fuzzy bordered
Crisp and clear with detail ordered

Warm or cool, left or right,

Coloured images bathed in light
Suzie sparkle, light and airy?
Heavy weight, distinctly scary.

Loud or soft with rising tone,

Flat and fuzzy like on the phone,
Rhythmic like a beating drum
Musical note or continuous hum.

Notice all and in a snap

You will better sense the map
Make a shift, don't hold or wait
And move into an unstuck state.

Check inside that all's ok,

And you'll be sure the change will stay
Do it all with pace and lead
And you will make the change you need.

Empower yourself and others too

You know what change could do for you
Add sparkle, fun and zest and health
Create new choice and find yourself.

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