woensdag 16 december 2009

HSP in relationships

Here are some thoughts when it comes to relationships.

First, a suggestion: Take it slowly.

We'll say it again, because we think it's that important. Take it  slowly!

One thing we've hear over and over again is that some Highly Sensitive People have a habit of moving their romantic relationships along a little too fast. It seems that women who are highly sensitive may be harmed by this more than highly sensitive men, but they aren't immune, either.

We think it's probably because people with the trait of high sensitivity are so often very intuitive and they feel a new relationship is "right" and may tend to get intimate (sexually) too quickly.

Unfortunately, often times "Mr. or Ms. Right" turns out to really be "Mr. or Ms. Wrong." And, when highly sensitive people move their relationships along too quickly and get intimate too soon, and because of hormone Oxytocin, younger women and older men often find themselves "bonded" to a not-so-nice person.

We hope this has never happened to you, but if you've "been there and done that" you know what we're talking about.

So please pass on any tips you have on this subject.

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